The qigong certification program for the healers of the modern world

200 hour Medical Qigong Practitioner Certification Training

For Entrepreneurs
For Healers and Coaches
  • Maximize your productivity and master your energy and mindset for success in a fast-paced world
  •  Dispel indecision, self-doubt, and brain fog - with profound and powerful practices that can be done anywhere, anytime
  • Qigong training is a differentiator that can set your business apart from the competition in a crowded health market
  • Bring forth the next level of your greatness as a healer or body worker through training the the ancient art of qigong
  • ​Generate credibility and clarity in your client conversations by learning the modern science behind the healing arts
  •  Mastermind with a modern academy with other healers to discover new approaches, perspectives and techniques
Delivered by David Beaudry: Master's in Medical Qigong (MMQ) and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT)
Certified through the International Institute of Medical Qigong

"the path of awakening shows us our Greatest fears and reveals our greatest gifts." 

-David beaudry
   MasterS IN Medical Qigong (MMQ)

"Put your wellbeing First, and everything else will follow."


Welcome, on behalf of all of us at Noble Movement.
Earn your Medical Qigong Practitioner Certification...
own and channel your healing abilities for your clients and community
We can only serve others at the level of our own mastery;
and this is your invitation to expand yours, at a time where the people of our planet are in need of healing

This 200-hour Medical Qigong Practitioner Program has been certified through
the International Institute of Medical Qigong and combines a diverse set of tools
and skills that have been honed over the past 11 years.

Join us on a 9-month journey that will give you the experience necessary to bring
the healing arts back to where they are needed most - in our day to day lives.
What People are Saying About David
"...David is exceptional and in the small circle of the best I've ever worked with. "

-Larissa Conte
Entrepreneur and Founder of Wayfinding
"After two years with David Beaudry...I feel like I did in my twenties, my mind is clear, and my energy is constant."

-Joshua Naggar
J.D., A.P. Fmr. Sgt. U.S.M.C

"...working with David changed my whole lifestyle. The Qigong practice has improved every part of my life..."

-Kaya Bromley
About the Lineage
About the Retreats
A message from David
My mission is clear:
I am here to give back to the Indigenous peoples of all the lands. To use our body, breath and movement as an act of Prayer. I am here to raise millions of dollars to give back to the land/earth, the native americans and inner-city kids. train our body, hearts and souls the way of Spiritual Warriorship and give our youth the skills to know how to love and connect to their creativity through movement, art, dance, and energetic strength training. 
I am here to train the next generation of Jedi in the Art and Science of Chinese Energetic Medicine.

If you are called to create a new paradigm on Earth and have the skills to navigate a dying world, then study qigong.
To Master One's Self is to learn how, and where we receive and block energy flow in our lives. To learn to use the powers and healing of nature you first must become quiet and Present in your body.
I am here to use the practices of qigong to heal the individual and collective trauma from our souls and bodies.
I am here to train Warrior/Healers in 2019 as Medical Qigong Practitioners, to go back into their communities and bring the medicine to their tribes.
If you are serious about your Spiritual Path and want a community to support you through your breakdowns and breakthroughs into Awakening, 

This is your invitation.
In this program, you will receive
52 Live Webinar Classes
Weekly Practice Videos
Every week for two semesters we will dive deep into the
principles of Medical Qigong and Movement Arts, as
well as facilitate a discussion of any questions you may
have on your healing journey.
Develop a practice at your own pace with life time access to
a huge library of exclusive video content covering Qigong,
Breathwork, Functional Strength and Flexibility, Sound Healing
and much more.
Lifetime Access to all Content
The webinars and practice videos from this course will
remain available to you for life, so you can always refer back
to them while you grow as a Medical Qigong Practitioner.
Access to our Private Forum
Two 5-Day Immersion Retreats
Further your progress as a healer and practitioner with
like minded individuals on the same path. Being a part
of a supportive community is essential for making
devoted practice fun and enjoyable.
Join us at the end of each semester for 5 days at beautiful
Mt. Shasta, CA for a deep immersion in Qigong, movement
practices, profound self-healing and the formation of
friendships that will last a lifetime.
Program Curriculum
Semester 1 
Spring 2021
Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy and Diagnosis/Treatments
Phase 1 - Energy tonification, purgation and regulation. The  student begins to use specific qigong exercises to work with their own body's organs and energy channels to strengthen the body's protective energy field (Wei Qi).
Phase 2 - More advanced meditation and exercises for  personal healing and development of intuitive diagnostic skills. The student also learns the medical qigong protocols for treating patients.
  • Posture, breath, and mind training
  • Intro to emotional detoxification
  •  Intro to energetic psychology
  • Healing sound therapy
  •  Analyzing and categorizing qigong exercises
  •  Establish a personal medical qigong workout
  • Developing energetic sensitivity, deep listening and perception skills
  • Energetic projection skills and advanced emotional detoxification therapy
  • Yi-Chuan meditation exercises to develop focused intention of mind and energy vibration.
  •  Introduction to the clinical energetic diagnosis
  •  Intro to medical qigong prescriptions
Objective: To understand the three regulations of medical qigong and self-cultivation. 
Objective: To experience your own healing process and develop your energy listening and projection skills.
Semester 2
Fall 2021
Clinical Foundations of Medical Qigong Therapy and Creating a Thriving Practice
Phase 3 - Advanced theory and application of healing
emotional traumas, covering personal, genetic and spiritual levels.
Phase 4 - This course introduces qigong protocols for
specific internal organ dis-ease as well as healing our
relationship with money and power.
We also dive into business fundamentals - how to implement these teachings into your offerings and how to communicate the value of your offerings to clients.
    •  Three levels of ancient Taoist mysticism 
    • Healing ancestral, genetic and communal trauma
    • Combining medical qigong with other healing modalities
    •  Advanced physical qi emission methods 
    •  Establishing your medical qigong clinic/coaching practice
    •  Internal organ prescriptions and sound therapy
    • Qigong meditations/journaling for self-love, self-worth and owning your good
    •  Energetic transformation of money and abundance
    • Treatment of liver, heart, and lung diseases
    •  Treatment of spleen, stomach, and kidney diseases
    •  Increasing intuition and the ability to harness qi from the environment.
    Objective: You will have a deeper embodied experience and comprehension of traditional chinese medicine disease, diagnosis, assessment, and case studies. 
    Objective: In order to facilitate the healing of others we learn to fully embrace our own hearts. We then apply all our training, cultivation and organ specific protocols in practical settings.
    One of the most essential parts of being a healer is knowing how to heal yourself.

    That is why a key part of this training is coming together with other students to learn  from each other and develop healing skills in a group. 

    Each semester of the Medical Qigong Practitioner Training culminates with a week of practice, rejuvenation and connection with other healing practitioners  in a gorgeous retreat setting - exact venue TBD in 2021.

    This part of the training not only provides a deep immersion into the practices learned throughout the semester, but also allows for the opportunity to unwind and reconnect with nature. 

    This is a healing experience you don’t want to miss! Images from past retreats below...

    Spring Retreat: TBD. Estimated May 2021
    Fall Retreat:  TBD. Estimated October 2021
    A lineage of Energetic Medicine
    The primary lineage from which David has received his training is from Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, a doctor of Chinese medicine as well as the Senior Abbott of the Daoist Temple of the Celestial Cloud. Sifu Johnson is an 80th Generation disciple of the Mao Shan tradition and a 66th generation disciple of the Long Hu Shan tradition. David has been training with Dr. Johnson since 2009.  Textbooks from this lineage will be used for this course and are found below.
    First Semester Begins Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 and ends Tuesday, June 18th, 2019
    Weekly Classes are 1.5 hrs on Tuesdays beginning at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern
    *These will be weekly Webinar Keynote+Group Meditations
    *Every class will be recorded and sent for your future use or if you have to miss a class.
    Sunday Deep Dive Classes will be bi-weekly:
    Bi-Weekly Deep Dives are 3 hrs on Sundays beginning at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern 
    Semester 1 Deep Dive Dates: March 31st , 
    April 14th, 21st, 
    May 12th and 26th
    Spring Mt. Shasta Retreat: June 3rd-7th, 2019
    *Retreats are included with your tuition; however, your lodging, food and travel expenses are not.
    *During the retreats we will have an amazing organic chef available at $60/day

    Second Semester Begins Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 and ends Tuesday, November 26th, 2019
    Weekly Classes are on Tuesdays for 1.5 hours starting at 4pm / 7pm (same time as semester 1)
    Sunday Deep Dives are 3 hrs on Sundays beginning at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern (same time as semester 1)
    Semester 2 Deep Dive Dates: September 8th and 22nd, 
    October 6th and 20th
    November 17th
    Fall Mt. Shasta Retreat: Nov 4th-9th, 2019
    *Again, retreats are included with your tuition; however, your lodging, food and travel expenses are not.
    Total: $7200
    Program VALUE
    •52 Live Master Classes – ($7880 Value)
    •2 Week Long Retreats – ($10,000 Value)
    •2 Private Healing Sessions ($1000 Value)
     •4 Business Master Classes ($1000 Value)
    •Accountability: Weekly Training Videos and Exercises in Vimify app ($2000 Value)
    •Community: Private Facebook Group for Connection and Support ($47 Value)
    TOTAL VALUE: $21,927
    Over 50% off for Early Action Takers
    Payment plans are available, see below for details

    Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting March 23rd, 2021
    Further dates and details to follow

    Additional info
    We have many payment plan options for dedicated students. 
    Work-Study agreements and scholarships are offered to a limited number of students each year
    Required Textbooks: The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine, Vol. 1-4
    *Books are not included with tuition. You can order your books online here.
    David's Background
    After experiencing intense depression for most of his youth and a devastating knee injury playing college football at University of Redlands, David found healing through the study of psychology and the ancient mind/body practice of qigong. With the new life discovered through these teachings, he earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Redlands and then a Masters Degree in Medical Qigong from the International Institute of Medical Qigong. 

    David has spent the past 12 years training extensively with many wisdom traditions and masters, such as Wim Hof, Master Zhou, and Tenzin Wengyal Rinpoche. As an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, he has integrated these ancient teachings with modern fitness training, and has worked with Olympic boxers Andre Ward and Andre Berto. He has worked with youth programs, police officers, as well as NFL and collegiate athletes to harness the power of their body and soul.  
    In addition to the Lineages passed on by Dr. Johnson, other notable spiritual lineages that David has studied under include the Tibetan Buddhist Shamanistic tradition, the Dagara tribes of West Africa, as well as the Mayan indigenous teachings from Martin Prechtel.

    David's mission is to integrate the ancient teachings in a practical way so we experience and understand healing from both modern science and eastern wisdom. 
    This is about more than going through a program or getting another certification. 

    We are on a mission to invigorate the people of our planet 
    through ancient and modern techniques for healing body, mind, and soul.

    Noble Movement is an Academy of healers for the modern world
    to come together to bring healing to the people of the world.
    JOin us on the journey to awaken your vitality and soul Gifts in 2021!  
    Noble Movement Academy, 2020. All rights reserved