Watch this 3 minute video to see if you're ready to join the Initiation of a Lifetime!
Watch this 3 min video to see if you are ready to join the Initiation of a Lifetime!
Thursdays starting February 24th, 2022 at 
12pm PST / 3pm EST
The Journey Begins In:
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In 6 weeks of Life Changing Training You Will:
  • You will learn a full body animal flow for strength, flexibility and building qi

  • ​You will learn self-myofascial release to heal the physical and emotional body
  • ​​Discover where you're giving away your power and how to reclaim your energy
  • You will learn a full body animal flow for strength, flexibility and building qi
  • You will learn self-myofascial release to heal the physical and emotional body
  • ​Discover where your giving away your power and how to reclaim your energy
  • ​​Learn how to alchemize negative emotions, connect to your Soul wisdom

~ LIVE with  David Beaudry ~
In Ancient Times, Shamans and Monks trained and cultivated the power of the elements to develop mind, body, and spirit. Their light and guidance helped to protect humanity from the darkness.

Today, our people face greater uncertainty, anxiety, and disconnection than ever. 

Are you one of the new generation of spiritual warriors?

What It means to be a Spiritual Warrior

This is for People who want to become Embodied in a deeper way.

For those who desire to access more Presence, Trust and Love in their Physical Bodies

For those who want Strength, Flexibility and to feel Confident in their Body

Those who are tired of the gym, and would like to move their body in a more Mindful way

This is for the Modern Warriors of Light who desire to be a Vehicle for Compassion and Strength in this world

This is for the old gym rat who needs to heal from an injury

This is for the Mom that needs to sneak in a 20 minute workout between child care and lunch

This is for those who desire to train in the Ancient Ways of Self-Mastery

This is Embodiment 101

Strong Body Builds Strong Spirit

Shifu Yan Lei (Change to David)

My 6-Week Spiritual Warriorship Program is designed to begin the process of Building Qi in your Lower Dantian (first three chakras)

1. Ground our root chakra, developing safety and trust.

2. Clear shame and blame from our second chakra, to bring a new loving connection to our body.

3. Access the power of the third chakra in body and mind for a sense of natural self-worth and inner confidence

This program solves a number of key issues I see in today's Distracted and Disconnected society.

Lack of Energy. Lack of Motivation. Lack of Focus. Lack of Spiritual Connection and Community.
Stress, Fear, Sluggish energy and foggy mind. 

After 15 years of working with Masters and Clients, I've made this program to Solve the Problems of our Modern Society...

Train like a Warrior...

  • Take your "Attention" back by Unplugging from the Fear Matrix
  • Connect directly with Source Energy (through your body) and increase your Blood and Qi Flow to your Brain/Organs
  • ​Control your Nervous System to clear Stress Chemicals and access True Peace

Grandmaster Zhou Jing-Hue 

Evolve your Movement Practice...

"Balance your Body... Balance your Mind... Balance the World," - David Beaudry

  • Learn the "Big 4" Dynamic Whole-Body Warmup
  • ​Learn the 7 Movement Shaolin Animal Form to build Strength, Flexibility and Energy
  • ​Learn 2 powerful Breathing Practices for Calming your Nervous System and Entering the Flow State
  • ​Learn a short Qigong Flow for harnessing Peace and Presence in your Daily Life

The World Needs you functioning at your Peak

The World is going through a Great Change.  These practices will help you stay Grounded, Strong, and develop the Courage to see through the Fear Matrix to bring more Harmony on the Planet.
Your personal dreams and visions matter.  These tools will help you heal the blocks in the way of you Living your Best Life.

It all starts with your daily practices and as you learn to show up for your Self-Care practices you'll have the energy to co-create new energy in your life.

We aren't meant to do this alone.

In order to walk the Awakened Life, we need a Community to keep us accountable to living in alignment with our highest principles. 

Class Information
How does this work?
We meet Weekly on Thursdays from Feb. 24th to March the 31st at 3pm EST / 12pm PST.  Each weekly class is 90 minutes and takes place on Zoom.  During class, you will be led through various movement and breathwork practices, in addition to learning the theory behind why these movements are helpful along with concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
How do I practice Outside of Class?
You will be provided with access to a free training app that will function on any smart device.  This app will guide you through your daily practices.
My Body is Out of Shape... can I do this?
Yes, no matter what state of health you're in, we meet you where you are.  These exercises are adaptable and can be done by people from all walks of life.

Hear from our Students

“I took his last Spiritual Warriorship training. And it is incredible... like, unbelievable. This man is like so dedicated. And such a humble, brilliant teacher. So go for it, go for it, go for it, your life will be changed. So I just wanted to say that. Like literally, he's the real deal."

- Megan A.

- Steve W.

"I don't like exercising.  Never have.  David's Spiritual Warriorship program changed my relationship with my body.  I am stronger, more flexible and more confident in myself.  I also understand the emotional root of the dysfunctions in my body and am working to address those root problems with Foam Rolling and specific movements David taught me.  
I've always needed to understand the WHY in what I'm doing, instead of being told to 'just do it.'  David provides that WHY!"

" I wanted to say again, this man is the real deal. Yeah. Like, I've been with you for like, almost 10 years now. Thank you. Not only are you knowledgeable, you have the heart. There' are so many people that have the knowledge and lack the heart. And you have the boss and anyone who learns from you is beyond grateful and lucky."

- Paula C.

Meet Your Instructor
David Beaudry is a trainer and coach for integrating movement mastery and spiritual evolution. With a degree in psychology, a masters in Medical Qigong and 15 years as an NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer he teaches healers, coaches and world class athletes how to harness the power of their body and soul for healing trauma and awakening their unique gifts. 

He is the Founder of the Noble Movement Academy, offering 200hr. certifications in the Art and Science of Chinese Energetic Medicine.  One of his biggest passions is empowering leaders and youth with the skills to lead a life of meaning, passion and purpose. He has reached more than 16,000 students in 120 countries.

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