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Medical Qigong Practitioner 2022

See what our Graduates have to say:

"The Medical Qigong Practitioner Program has been a deeply transformative and healing journey. Reconnecting me to me to myself and to my Chinese Ancestors!  Having the opportunity to practice and teach each other was also invaluable.  Thank you Sifu David!"

"My biggest takeaway from the MQP program would be a deeper understanding of the holistic nature of Fitness and Health.  Having the correlation of the connection between mind, body and spirit clearly explained, and to become more aware of it through experience is changing how I approach life."
Being in MQP has been such a gift!  It has awakened me to my true power and ability to share and transmit through community, personal empowerment and fullness of my expression.  Bein in this program has brought me confidence to step up and share my truest and brightest self, to teach and share Qigong practices in my community and to embody the Taoist teachings in my life day to day!

See what our Graduates have to say:

The MQP program was an essential step in evolving the next chapter in my life. As a strength coach for 23 years I feel the most aligned and connected in my heart and that is priceless.

MQP program is a must for those wanting to learn how to connect more deeply to their life’s work and gifts!
Studying and training with David has been such a gift.
His depth of cultivation , humility, integrity , sensitivity , awareness and prayerful nature within the practice of the five element theory makes his teachings and transmissions exceptionally powerful.
His MQP course has added an incredible depth to all aspects of my life. I’m able to understand more deeply my connection to the five elements within me and how they govern my behavior , physical, emotional and mental patterns, and how they come into play in my relationships. 
The knowledge he is sharing is a true source of transformation .
This depth of understanding has greatly increased my ability to clearly perceive and support my family and my clients in their healing journeys .
The MQP Program has been a deep dive into my emotional, physical and spiritual health and vitality.  I feel more empowered and invigorated to offer myself fully to life by being a part of this incredible sangha full of love, growth and commitment!